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Icons + Request-Your-Own [13 Apr 2012|11:48pm]


9 icons from April 12's episode here! (Plus 7 Daily Show icons)

I have a system for making the quote icons, so I totally take requests if you give me the date of the episode (I have all Colbert Report/Daily Show episodes for 2011-2012) and/or the quote you'd like!
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It's been a while. [04 Apr 2011|02:16pm]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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[03 Apr 2011|04:38am]


56 fake news icons here
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Mod Note [20 Nov 2010|01:21pm]

[ mood | okay ]

If you've noticed the recent spam posts sullying our poor little inactive community, my apologies! I try to delete them as soon as possible, but I may opt to turn on moderated posting if the problem continues.

Any and all Colbert Report icon/graphic/screencap posts will still be welcome here, so don't be alarmed. :)

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Colbert Report Stills [25 Aug 2010|07:43pm]

Stills and other images from
The Colbert Report
with various guests and 2010 Olympics stuff.

all behind the cutCollapse )
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omg [22 Jul 2010|07:10pm]

I was trying to find the picture of stephen in his rainbow sweater from the WORD or from him getting his Glaad award... i cannot find it! HELP PLS! thank you!
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[15 Jul 2010|09:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have any 100 X 100 or smaller sized .gifs they would like to share? I found a few on colbertpics.com but would greatly appreciate more. TIA

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[14 Jul 2010|08:37pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

I was curious if anyone was in the icon making mood. I have a few pictures that I grabbed from DB's "Fangirl Suit Report" over at NFZ. If not I am sure anyone who hasn't seen these will enjoy the post just the same.

Would anyone happen to have anymore caps from those two nights?

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TCR .gifs [05 Jul 2010|01:51am]


Heads-up: it's rather heavy.
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Caps of latest opening "credit"? [22 Jun 2010|01:12am]

[ mood | curious ]


Newbie to the group...

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could of the latest opening credits/sequence.

Particularly where he is running with the flag...
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[01 Jun 2010|11:51pm]

[ mood | high ]

Would anyone happen to have a cap of the intro with the new word "SCILF" yet? An icon would be pretty awesome as well. TIA

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[22 May 2010|01:21am]


eight here.
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[04 Apr 2010|04:13pm]

[01-20] stock/art: Easter
[21-27] Kelly Rowland
[28-39] Beyonce Knowles
[40-42] Dreamgirls
[43-47] Robin Williams
[48-50] Jennifer Morrison
[51-53] House
[54-61] Stephen Colbert
[62-69] P!nk
[70-76] Christina Milian
[77-79] Speak
[80-88] Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

more HERE at exclu_silly
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[19 Feb 2010|05:45pm]

[5] Jon Stewart
[6] Stephen Colbert
[3] John Oliver
[1] Colbewart (or something)
[1] TDS cast (as of 2008) in something not a Toyota
16 total

first fake news icon post @ iconcaptor 

I just started my icon comm, and dedicated the first post to my OTP, men/suits. If you like anything you see, become a member! Thanks for looking. Cross posted over at tds_icons.
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TDS/TCR icons, Jon/Stephen GIFs, icons, FO banners, wallpaper [22 Jan 2010|07:54am]

I made a bunch of Jon/Stephen icons which I previously had only posted over at tds_rps, so I thought I'd finally post them on my graphics journal. I've also included some new TDS/TCR icons (slash and otherwise), 2 J/S GIFs, four J/S FO banners, and 1 J/S wallpaper.

Warning for slash and politics.


The Daily Show: We write our own slash.
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First Gif's! [10 Jan 2010|03:41am]


I attempted to make a couple of Gif's! They're small, but I hope you like them!


The rest HERE
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10 Belated A Colbert Christmas Special Icons [24 Dec 2009|02:21am]


More last minute stocking stuffers @ iconcaptor 
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Skating Icons [22 Dec 2009|08:11am]

[ mood | excited ]

Since there are no more epis 'till after Christmas, I thought I'd attempt to make some icons! Some Christmas ones, some random ones and many Ice Skating ones with Stephen in spandex! I'm not an icon expert and rarely make any. I'm still trying to get the hang of the whole process! I know they're not great but I hope you like them nonetheless!


The rest are HERE!!

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Lets take a look at some of Stephen's moves [17 Dec 2009|10:18pm]

5 GIFS + Super Secret Bonus
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Four more GIFs + Bonus HERE
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cap to icon? [14 Dec 2009|02:15am]

hey guys, new member here :)
the comm's profile provides a form for requesting caps, but not for requesting icons made from caps, so i hope i'm not breaking any rules here.

behind the cut is an image i capped of colbert randomly smirking in a surprisingly sexy manner, and i was wondering if any of you lovely icon artists would be willing to turn it into some 100×100 yumminess.

superstantial!Collapse )
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