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Colbert Report Images

You people get it.

The Colbert Report Icons and Screen Caps
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Welcome to tcr_images, your one-stop community for The Colbert Report graphics, a place where fans of the show can post and request icons, screen caps, colorbars, wallpaper, banners, etc.


+ Use common sense when it comes to lj-cuts. More than a handful of icons and any large images should be placed behind one.
+ When posting graphics from a just-aired episode, please keep in mind that not everybody gets to see the episode at the same time. If the image contains something of a spoiler, an lj-cut would be appreciated.
+ Please make all entries public, unless there is a good reason to lock it.
+ If an entry does not include graphics or a request, chances are it doesn't belong here. News belongs in colbert_report.
+ When making a cap request, please use the following form:

Please always include the date or guest. Cappers are more likely to fill requests when you make it easy for them.


Make sure to check out the memories. Every post containing caps, icons, or other graphics is in there so take a look around.

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If you have any problems or questions, please contact nerdork or gleam_the_cube.